Best Aircon Brands to Cool Your Home in the Philippines

Keep your cool game on and discover the best aircon that meets your cooling needs! Here's a list of the best air condition brands in the Philippines.

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    The Philippine heat is enough to make the coolest cucumbers sweat, and every Filipino knows it. This is why air conditioning is one of the staple appliances to have in a household. Today, we’re no longer gatekeeping the best performing AC brands in the Philippines. Whether you’re looking for the best split-type aircons, inverters, or even portable aircons, we cover them all right here.

    What are the Top Aircon Brands in the Philippines?

    Here are the most aesthetic and reliable brands that promise to cool you up in the blazing Manila heat! Check out our list to know the best one for your home.

    1. LG Aircon

    LG is the perfect choice for people looking for a user-friendly aircon brand. It effortlessly combines aesthetics with functionality, making them a go-to choice for consumers when looking for an aircon that offers style and superior cooling performance.

    Best inverter window type airconditioners we recommend from LG:
    LG Inverter Window Type Airconditioner 2.0HP

    Best LG inverter split type recommendation:
    LG Dual Inverter Split Type Airconditioner With Smart ThinQ and Active Energy Control 2.0HP

    2. Carrier Aircon

    Carrier aircons are one of the most popular brands among consumers because of their smart temperature controls and innovative air purification systems. So, if you’re ready to upgrade your cool game, a Carrier aircon can seamlessly blend in your space and needs.

    Best Carrier window type aircon we recommend:
    Carrier 1.5HP Aura Window Type Air Conditioner

    3. Condura Aircon

    If you’re looking for something that’s built to last, then a Condura is for you. It’s already equipped with smart controls and energy-efficiency functions. In short, you’ll find no fuss with this brand, just straightforward cooling power.

    Best inverter split type recommendation from Condura:
    Condura 2.0 HP Inverter Split Type air conditioner

    4. Haier AC Models

    Haier is known for its customization when it comes to cooling. It’s equipped with smart features that you can fine-tune the temperature to suite your comfort levels. If you’re setting the mood for a cozy night, or waking up to a refreshing cool breeze, Haier brands can do a fine job.

    Best inverter split type recommendation from Haier:
    Haier 1.0HP Inverter Split Type air conditioner

    5. TCL Aircon Models

    This brand knows how to adapt to any household need in an instant. TCL gives you the power of command whether you need to set the temperature, schedule cool down sessions, etc. So, if you’re looking for an aircon brand that’s not just a cooling device but a lifestyle upgrade then you might want to consider TCL.

    Best window type recommendation from TCL:
    TCL 1.0HP Window Type air conditioner

    6. Everest AC Appliances

    Everest aircons are a good investment if you’re looking for long-lasting coolness. One of its winning features are its health filters that ensures that rooms are clean and pollutant-free. Overall, Everest aircons are durable with a reliable performance that can withstand the toughest weather challenges. 

    Best inverter air conditioner from Everest:
    Everest Inverter Air Conditioner with Remote 1.0HP

    7. Astron Aircon Units

    Perfect to cool small rooms, this compact aircon can be a reliable solution to beat the heat. It is considered to have the best inverter types which come with high customer satisfaction reviews. So, if you’re seeking for an AC that’s powerful, energy-efficient, and durable, an Astron might be for you.

    Best inverter split type aircon recommendation from Astron:
    Astron DC Inverter Split Type Air Conditioner 2.0HP

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