5 Best Split Type Aircon Philippines: Finding Your Cool

Discover the 5 best split type air conditioners in the Philippines, featuring top models like Samsung, TCL, LG, Condura, and Everest. Explore our top picks now!

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    Finding the best split type aircon in the Philippines can be a game-changer for your home comfort. Whether you're looking to cool down your bedroom, living room, or entire house, these air conditioners offer efficiency, power, and quiet operation. Let's explore some of the top split type aircons available in the Philippines to help you make an informed choice. 

    Factors to Consider When Choosing a Split Type Aircon in the Philippines:

    • Size: Match the air conditioner's horsepower (HP) to your room size. A 1.0 HP unit is ideal for small rooms, while a 2.0 HP or higher tackles larger spaces.
    • Inverter Technology: Look for inverter models! These adjust cooling power for efficient energy use, saving you money in the long run.
    • Energy Efficiency Rating: The Philippine Department of Energy uses a star system to indicate energy efficiency. Aim for 4 or 5 stars for significant savings.
    • Features: Consider features like auto-clean, dehumidification, and sleep mode for added comfort and convenience.
    • Brand Reputation: Research brands known for reliability, after-sales service, and readily available spare parts

    Latest Developments in Split Type Aircon Technology:

    • Smart ACs: Wi-Fi-enabled air conditioners allow remote control and monitoring via your smartphone.
    • Air Purification: Some models boast built-in air purifiers for cleaner, healthier air.
    • Focus on Sustainability: Eco-conscious brands prioritize energy-efficient models and use eco-friendly refrigerants.

    Top Split Type Aircons in the Philippines:

    Now, let's dive into some popular models from different brands and explore what makes them cool contenders:

    1. Samsung 1.0HP WindFree Split Type Inverter AC - AR10BYHAMWKNTC

    The Samsung 1.0HP WindFree Split Type Inverter is designed for ultimate comfort and energy efficiency. Its WindFree technology ensures gentle and even cooling without the unpleasant cold draft, while the Digital Inverter Boost technology saves energy. The sleek design and smart features make it a top choice for modern homes.


    • WindFree technology for gentle cooling.
    • Energy-efficient with Digital Inverter Boost.
    • Stylish design with smart controls.


    • Higher initial cost compared to non-inverter models.
    • Maintenance can be more complex due to advanced features.

    2. TCL 1.5HP KE Series Inverter Split Type Airconditioner TAC-12CSA/KEI

    The TCL 1.5HP KE Series Inverter Split Type offers powerful cooling with its high-efficiency inverter technology. It boasts a smart airflow system that distributes cool air evenly throughout the room. With its eco-friendly refrigerant and low-noise operation, it's perfect for those who value both performance and sustainability.


    • High-efficiency inverter technology.
    • Eco-friendly refrigerant.
    • Quiet operation.


    • Larger size might be cumbersome for small spaces.
    • Installation may require professional assistance.

    3. LG 1.0HP Dual Inverter Split Type Airconditioner, HS09ISG2

    The LG 1.0HP Dual Inverter Split Type combines superior cooling performance with advanced air purification. It features a Dual Inverter Compressor that saves energy and operates quietly. The integrated air purifier ensures that the air in your home is not only cool but also clean and healthy.


    • Dual Inverter Compressor for energy savings.
    • Quiet operation.
    • Built-in air purifier for cleaner air.


    • Higher price point.
    • May require regular maintenance to keep the air purifier effective.

    4. Condura 1.0HP Inverter Split Type Aircon FP-53KSV009313

    The Condura 1.0HP Inverter Split Type is a reliable and cost-effective option for cooling small to medium-sized rooms. It features an efficient inverter compressor that reduces energy consumption and ensures consistent cooling. Its user-friendly controls and sleek design make it a great addition to any home.


    • Energy-efficient inverter compressor.
    • Cost-effective and reliable.
    • Easy-to-use controls.


    • Limited cooling capacity for larger rooms.
    • Basic design compared to higher-end models.

    5. Everest 1.0HP Split Type Airconditioner ETIV10UVSTHF

    The Everest 1.0HP Split Type is designed for efficient and quiet cooling, making it perfect for small to medium-sized rooms. Its Dual Inverter Compressor provides fast and powerful cooling while saving up to 70% more energy compared to traditional models.


    • Dual Inverter technology saves up to 70% more energy.
    • Low noise levels ensure a peaceful environment.
    • Wi-Fi connectivity and smart diagnostic system for easy control and maintenance.


    • More expensive upfront compared to non-inverter models.
    • May require professional installation.
    • Best suited for small to medium-sized rooms, may not be sufficient for larger areas.

    To Conclude…

    Remember: The best aircon for you depends on your specific needs and budget. Consider the factors above, research different brands and models, and enjoy the cool comfort of your perfect split type aircon!

    Bonus Tip: Don't forget to factor in installation costs when comparing prices.
    By following these tips, you'll be well on your way to finding the best split type aircon in the Philippines and keeping cool all year round!

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