Celebrate Success: Best Phones Under 10k Philippines for Graduates!

Celebrate graduation with the perfect gift! Find the best phones under 10k Philippines for your graduate. Get amazing deals on top brands like Realme, vivo, OPPO, HONOR & Samsung. 

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    Graduation is a momentous occasion! It's a time to celebrate achievements and look forward to exciting new beginnings. Finding the perfect gift for a graduate can be tricky, but a new phone under 10k is a practical and stylish choice they'll surely appreciate. This guide explores some of the hottest smartphones under 10,000 pesos, helping you find the ideal graduation gift in the Philippines. 

    Choosing the Perfect Graduation Phone under 10k

    Before diving into specific models, consider these factors to ensure you pick the perfect phone for your graduate: 

    Needs and Preferences: Think about the graduate's lifestyle and interests. Do they prioritize photography, gaming, or long battery life? 

    Operating System: Android offers more customization, while iPhones are known for their user-friendly interface and seamless integration with other Apple devices. 

    Brand Preference: Some graduates may have a favorite brand based on past experiences or brand image. a

    Top Graduation Gift Phones Under 10k in the Philippines

    Now, let's explore some fantastic smartphone options under 10k, available at Shopping Mall PH: 

    1. Realme

    A rising star in the smartphone market, Realme offers feature-packed phones at competitive prices. The Realme-C67 boasts a high-megapixel main sensor (108MP) with improved low-light performance, which is often a concern in smartphone cameras at this price point. This makes it a good option for capturing graduation moments or everyday adventures. 


    • Affordable pricing: Realme offers great value for money, making it an ideal choice for budget-conscious buyers. 
    • Long battery life: With large battery capacities, Realme phones can easily last through a day of heavy use. 
    • Decent camera quality: The cameras on Realme phones are sufficient for capturing clear and vibrant photos, suitable for social media sharing. 


    • Limited availability of high-end features: While Realme phones are great for the price, they often lack some advanced features found in more expensive models. 
    • Occasional software updates issues: Users may experience delays in receiving the latest software updates, affecting the overall experience. 

    2. vivo

    The VIVO-Y27s stands out for its stylish design and advanced features, particularly in the camera department. If the graduate loves photography or gaming, a vivo phone could be the perfect gift. These phones offer powerful processors and vibrant displays. vivo smartphones often come with AI-enhanced cameras that produce stunning photos, and their sleek designs make them a pleasure to use and show off. 


    • Sleek design: vivo phones are known for their attractive, modern designs that appeal to younger users. 
    • Great camera performance: With advanced camera features, VIVO phones are ideal for photography enthusiasts. 
    • Smooth user interface: vivo’s Funtouch OS is user-friendly and provides a smooth and enjoyable experience. 


    • Pre-installed bloatware: VIVO phones often come with pre-installed apps that can take up storage and slow down the device. 
    • Less frequent software updates: Users might find the update schedule less regular compared to other brands, which can affect long-term performance. 

    3. OPPO

    OPPO is renowned for its robust build quality. The Oppo-A58 phone under 10k offers a balanced mix of style, functionality, and performance, making them an excellent choice for tech-savvy graduates. These features make OPPO phones particularly appealing to those who prioritize media consumption and photography. 


    • Superior camera features: OPPO phones excel in camera technology, offering features like AI beauty modes and night photography. 
    • High-quality build: The build quality of OPPO phones is robust, ensuring durability and a premium feel. 
    • Fast charging capabilities: OPPO’s VOOC charging technology allows for quick recharges, which is convenient for busy users. 


    • Custom UI can be overwhelming: OPPO’s ColorOS might be confusing for users unfamiliar with it, requiring some time to get used to. 
    • Slightly heavier devices: OPPO phones tend to be on the heavier side, which might not be comfortable for all users. 

    4. HONOR

    A strong contender in the mid-range market, HONOR phones under 10k Philippines like the HONOR-X8a offer excellent value for money. These phones are perfect for graduates starting their professional journey, providing dependable functionality without a hefty price tag. They provide a balanced user experience, making them suitable for everyday tasks and light gaming. 


    • Affordable prices: HONOR offers some of the best-priced smartphones without compromising too much on quality. 
    • Reliable performance: The performance of HONOR phones is steady, providing a smooth user experience for everyday tasks. 
    • Good battery life: HONOR phones typically come with batteries that last through a day of standard usage. 


    • Limited app availability: Due to restrictions, some apps may not be available on HONOR devices, which can limit functionality. 
    • Basic camera quality: While adequate for casual photography, HONOR cameras might not meet the expectations of more serious photographers. 

    5. Samsung

    Samsung, a well-established name in the smartphone industry, Samsung offers a variety of phones under 10k. The Galaxy A series strikes a great balance between affordability and features. Consider the Galaxy A15 or other recent A series models at Shopping Mall PH for a reliable and well-rounded phone from a trusted brand. 


    • Reliable brand reputation: Samsung’s long-standing reputation for quality makes their phones a trustworthy choice. 
    • Excellent display quality: Samsung phones are renowned for their vibrant and sharp displays, enhancing media consumption. 
    • Regular software updates: Samsung provides regular updates, ensuring that the phones stay secure and up-to-date. 


    • Slightly higher price for the specs: Samsung phones might be priced a bit higher than competitors for similar specifications. 
    • Slower charging speeds: Compared to other brands, Samsung’s budget phones may have slower charging times, which can be inconvenient for some users. 


    Is it better to get an Android phone or an iPhone under 10k?  

    Both Android and iPhone offer great options under 10k. Consider the graduate's familiarity with each operating system and their preferred features. 

    Celebrate with a Gift They'll Love!

    A new phone under 10k is a thoughtful and practical graduation gift that shows you care. At Shopping Mall PH, we offer a wide variety of smartphones from top brands, along with affordable installment options and exciting promos. Make their graduation extra special! Browse our extensive smartphone selection now and find the perfect phone for the graduate in your life.  

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