Best Smart TV Brands and Models in the Philippines

Check out our selection of the best smart TV brands and models in the Philippines. Discover top brands, explore features like picture quality and smart options, all fit for Filipino viewers. 

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    The Philippines is a haven for entertainment lovers, and a smart TV is the ultimate gateway to a world of streaming bliss. But with so many brands vying for your attention, choosing the right one can feel like navigating a crowded channel. Fear not, fellow viewers! This guide will unveil the top contenders among smart TV brands in the Philippines, explore factors to consider before you buy, and highlight some exciting new features.

    Picking the Perfect Smart TV Brand

    Before diving into specific brands, let's address some key factors to consider:

    • Budget: Smart TVs range from affordable to top-of-the-line. Decide how much you're comfortable spending upfront.
    • Screen Size & Resolution: Bigger isn't always better! Consider your viewing distance and desired resolution (HD, 4K, or even 8K).
    • Smart Features: Do you crave a vast app library or prioritize voice control and smart home integration? Choose a brand that aligns with your viewing habits.
    • Brand Reputation: Research factors like customer service, software updates, and picture quality consistency.

    What are the Best Smart TV Brands in the Philippines?

    Now, let's meet some of the heavy hitters in the Philippine smart TV market: 

    1. TCL: Smart Entertainment Made Simple

    TCL, founded in 1981, has emerged as a global leader in consumer electronics. In the Philippines, the brand has garnered a loyal following by delivering high-quality Smart TVs at competitive prices. Most TCL TVs run on the Android TV operating system, a user-friendly platform familiar to many Android phone users.

    Latest Developments: TCL stands at the forefront of innovation with its QLED and Mini-LED display technologies. Their Smart TVs boast features like Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, and built-in voice control, offering an immersive cinematic experience right in your living room.

    Best TCL Smart TV budget-friendly choice:

    Best TCL Smart TV with Netflix recommendation:

    Is TCL a good smart TV brand?

    Absolutely! Many TCL TVs offer decent picture quality with features like 4K resolution and HDR compatibility (on select models) for an enjoyable viewing experience.

    2. Samsung: Stunning Picture Quality

    Samsung's image excellence goes way back. They've been at the forefront of TV technology for years, constantly refining picture quality. From pioneering advancements in high-definition displays to developing cutting-edge technologies like QLED and Neo QLED, Samsung TVs consistently deliver stunning visuals.

    Latest Developments: Samsung caters to the growing gamer base with features like super-fast refresh rates and Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) for seamless, lag-free gameplay.

    Best Samsung Smart TV for all around viewing:

    Best affordable Samsung Smart TV:

    Is Samsung a good smart TV brand?

    Yes, it is! Samsung consistently ranked highly for years; they offer TVs with amazing picture quality. Their user-friendly platform provides a vast library of streaming options and apps. This is definitely one smart TV that you would want to have in your homes for casual watching or if you’re looking for a cinematic experience.

    3. LG: Experience unparalleled picture quality

    LG, founded in 1958, has been a trailblazer in the electronics industry. LG has established itself as a powerhouse in the smart TV market, offering a premium viewing experience. Whether you're a movie buff, a casual streamer, or a dedicated gamer, LG offers a winning combination of features to upgrade your home entertainment experience.

    Latest Developments: LG's Smart TVs feature OLED and NanoCell display technologies, delivering unparalleled picture quality with deep blacks and vibrant colors. With AI ThinQ integration, LG TVs offer personalized recommendations and smart home control, enhancing convenience for users.

    Top LG Smart TV recommendation for all around viewing:

    Is LG a good smart TV brand?

    Yes, absolutely! LG offers some of the best picture quality in the market, particularly with their OLED technology that delivers perfect blacks, infinite contrast, and incredible viewing angles.

    4. Devant: Where Innovation Meets Style

    Established in 2003, Devant has swiftly risen to prominence in the Philippine market with its commitment to innovation and stylish designs. The brand consistently incorporates the latest technological advancements to offer unparalleled viewing experiences. 

    Latest Developments: Devant continues to impress with its lineup of Smart TVs featuring 4K Ultra HD resolution, HDR support, and immersive sound technologies. Their Android-powered TVs provide seamless access to a world of entertainment, making them a favorite among tech-savvy consumers. 

    Best affordable Devant smart TV recommendation:

    Is Devant a good smart TV brand?

    Yes! If affordability is your top priority and you're looking for a basic smart TV for casual viewing, Devant can be an option. However, if you’re looking for a good balance of affordability, smart features, and picture quality enhancements, Skyworth is an alternative to consider.

    5. Pensonic: Where Performance Meets Affordability

    Pensonic, founded in 1965, has been synonymous with reliability and affordability in the consumer electronics segment. Despite their affordable price, Pensonic Smart TVs deliver crisp and clear visuals with HD resolution, ensuring a satisfying viewing experience for users. Whether you're streaming your favorite shows or playing video games, you can enjoy sharp details and vibrant colors on the screen.

    Latest Developments: Pensonic's Smart TVs strike a balance between performance and affordability, offering features like LED displays, USB multimedia playback, and energy-saving modes, making them a popular choice for value-conscious consumers.

    Best affordable Pensonic Smart TV choice:

    Best Pensonic Smart Android TV:

    Is Pensonic a good Smart TV brand?

    It can be! While Pensonic may not be as widely recognized as some other leading brands in the smart TV industry, it does provide consumers with budget-friendly options that deliver decent performance and essential features.

    6. Haier: Stunning visuals with HDR technology

    With roots dating back to 1984, Haier has evolved into a multinational powerhouse, renowned for its diverse range of home appliances and electronics. While Haier might not be the top contender in the Smart TV market, it does offer some advantages for budget-conscious Filipino consumers looking for a basic smart TV experience.

    Latest Developments: Haier's Smart TVs combine sleek designs with cutting-edge features, including built-in AI assistants and seamless connectivity options. The brand's commitment to sustainability is evident in its energy-efficient displays, catering to eco-conscious consumers.

    Best Haier Smart TV android recommendation:

    Best Haier affordable Smart TV pick:

    Is Haier a good Smart TV brand?

    Haier can be a good brand for a smart TV. Some Haier TVs run on Android TV, providing access to the Google Play Store library of apps and streaming services. However, compared to established brands like LG or TCL, Haier TVs might have fewer smart features or functionalities.

    7. Skyworth: Redefining Viewing Experiences

    Skyworth, founded in 1988, has earned a reputation for innovation and quality craftsmanship in the global market. These TVs come equipped with smart features, including pre-installed streaming apps like Netflix, YouTube, and Hulu. This allows users to access a vast library of content directly from the TV without the need for additional devices.

    Latest Developments: Skyworth's Smart TVs boast cutting-edge features such as 8K resolution, AI Picture Quality, and voice control functionality. Skyworth smart TVs also enable users to mirror or cast content from their smartphones, tablets, or laptops directly to the TV screen, enhancing the viewing experience.

    Best affordable Skyworth Smart TV recommendation:

    Best Skyworth Smart TV for cinematic experience:

    Is Skyworth a good Smart TV brand?

    Yes, it is! Skyworth is a solid choice for Filipino consumers looking for an affordable smart TV with a focus on Filipino content and basic to mid-range smart features. However, Skyworth TVs might not have the most cutting-edge features like top-tier refresh rates or the highest peak brightness compared to higher-end brands.

    8. Prestiz: Affordable Excellence

    Prestiz has carved a niche in the Philippine market by offering feature-rich Smart TVs at budget-friendly prices. Enjoy built-in applications that let you have limitless entertainment options. Their Smart TVs have built-in Google-assist voice control for you to easily search your favorite shows and movies without the limitations of a remote control.

    Latest Developments: Prestiz continues to cater to the needs of budget-conscious consumers with its range of Smart TVs equipped with essential features like Full HD resolution, HDMI connectivity, and built-in streaming apps.

    Best Prestiz Smart TV for cinematic experience:

    Is Prestiz a good smart TV brand?

    Prestiz TV is not yet well-known in the Philippine market as a top contender alongside its contemporary brands, but if you’re searching for a smart TV brand that has all the necessary app installments and streaming services, then this can also be a good smart tv choice for you.

    9. Samwon: Empowering Smart Living

    Samwon, with decades of experience in the electronics industry, has been catering to the diverse needs of consumers since its inception. Samwon Smart TVs are designed with energy-efficient technologies to help reduce power consumption and lower electricity bills. With features like Energy Saving Mode, users can minimize energy usage without compromising on performance, making Samwon Smart TVs an environmentally friendly choice.

    Latest Developments: Samwon's Smart TVs combine sleek designs with advanced features like 4K resolution, HDR support, and built-in streaming services. With intuitive user interfaces and easy connectivity options, Samwon ensures a hassle-free entertainment experience for users.

    Best Samwon energy-saving smart TV recommendation:

    Is Samwon a good Smart TV brand?

    Samwon is still new to the Smart TV market in the Philippines and is not yet widely recognized as part of the top competing brands. However, if you are seeking an affordable alternative to local brands, Samwon doesn’t fall short in being equipped with the latest TV apps, streaming services, and high-definition displays.

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