7 Best Laptop Brands Philippines: A Guide to the Best Picks in 2024!

Finding the best laptop just got easier! This guide explores top brands ranging from budget-friendly laptops to pro-grade to help you decide on your perfect laptop pick.

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    There’s no denying that laptops have become an indispensable part of our lives. With so many brands to explore, finding the best laptop for your needs is crucial! Whether you’re a student conquering online classes, a professional working through presentations, or a gamer that’s seeking for immersive experiences, the brand you choose matters.

    To help you navigate the perfect laptop match, we’ve compiled a list of the top laptop brands in the Philippines that can let you in on the best features that caters to your diverse needs and budgets.

    Factors to consider when choosing the best laptop

    Make sure your laptop meets your needs and preferences. Here are some essential factors to consider:

    Needs and Usage - What will you be using the laptop for? Whether it be for basic tasks, browsing, gaming, video editing, etc. This will influence your preference for the laptop’s processing power, graphics card, and RAM you’ll need.

    Budget - How much are you willing to spend? Laptops range from affordable Chromebooks for basic tasks to high-performance machine for professional use.

    Operating System – Do you prefer windows, macOS (Apple), or ChromeOS? Windows offers the most flexibility and software options, while macOS is known for its user-friendly interface. Meanwhile ChromeOS is ideal for basic tasks and cloud-based applications.

    Other factors:

    • Battery life: How long do you need your laptop to last for a single charge?
    • Ports: Make sure the laptop has all the ports you need, such as USB-A, USB -C, HDMI, etc.
    • Laptop brand and warranty: Consider brand reputation and warranty options for peace of mind.

    Remember: Don’t get overwhelmed by specs! Always prioritize the features most important to you and your budget. Reading online news and comparing specific models within your chosen brands can also be very helpful.

    Top 7 best laptop brands in the Philippines

    Let’s explore the strength of each brand in terms of its performance, durability, and affordability. This will help you make an informed decision about your next laptop!

    1. Apple – A crowd favorite

    Here’s a quick history check! Did you know that the Apple laptop journey began not with the MacBooks we know today, but with the Apple I in 1976? This was a desktop computer, but it laid the groundwork for their future laptops.

    Latest developments of the brand: Today, Apple continues to push boundaries with their powerful M-Series chips making them a frontrunner in being the best laptops everywhere.

    Apple’s iconic MacBook series has become synonymous with luxury and innovation. Looks-wise, they are known for their sleek aluminum design, making them lightweight, durable, and aesthetically pleasing. They are a crowd favorite because of their impressive performance for everyday tasks, creative workflows, and some light gaming as well, making them a top contender for consumer choice.

    Best Apple laptop choice for students:

    Best Apple laptop recommendation for professionals:

    MacBook Pro

    Is Apple a good laptop brand?

    Absolutely! They make a great choice for beginners because of its user-friendly interface. They are also great for creative pursuits and demanding tasks since they’re powered by M-series chips. However, take note that they can be more expensive compared to brands with similar specs.

    2. Acer – Affordable laptops for all around use

    Let’s go back in time! Acer’s laptop journey started modestly in the 1970s, not with flashy devices, but as Multitech. The official brand shift from Multitech to Acer happened in 1987. Here on forth, Acer established itself as a major player, offering a wide range of laptops at various price points.

    Latest developments of the brand: The Predator Helios Neo 16 and 18 models come with AI-enhanced features for graphics promising an even more immersive gaming experience.

    When it comes to naming the best laptop in the Philippines, Acer has carved a niche for itself in the laptop market by offering a wide selection of models to suit every need and budget. With robust build quality and cutting-edge technology, Acer laptops are designed to keep up with your demands, no matter where life takes you.

    Best Acer gaming laptop pick:

    Best budget-friendly Acer laptop choice:

    Is Acer a good laptop brand?

    Yes, Acer is a good brand for a laptop. Affordability wise they offer a lot of good options for budget-conscious buyers. While they’re not always top-tier, Acer laptops offer decent build quality especially considering their price point.

    3. HUAWEI – Best choice for lightweight laptops

    Huawei’s humble beginnings started around 1987, though their laptop journey began much later around 2004. Throughout the 2010s, they introduced the Matebook series known for its light profile and premium build quality. This series aimed to compete with established brands like Apple in the high-end market.

    Latest developments of the brand: Huawei is keeping pace with the latest hardware by integrating the powerful 13th Gen Intel Core processors into the newest Matebook models.

    Huawei has been making waves in the laptop industry with its sleek designs and top-notch performance. Whether you're a multitasking professional or a creative powerhouse, Huawei is the best laptop choice offering the power and versatility to tackle any task with ease. With sleek aesthetics and innovative features, Huawei laptops are a testament to the brand's commitment to excellence.

    Best Huawei budget-friendly laptop:

    Best Huawei laptop choice for students:

    Best Huawei laptop pick for work/personal use:

    Is Huawei a good laptop brand?

    Huawei can be a good laptop brand for those who are prioritizing looks and powerful specs. Huawei laptops often integrate the latest processors and features like large, high-resolution displays. They’re great for demanding tasks like video editing, gaming (depends on the model), and creative work.

    4. Asus – The perfect laptop for everyday use

    The early recognition and innovation of laptops started in 1990s where ASUS transitioned into complete computer systems. During the 2010s to the present, ASUS continues to flourish with the release of powerful gaming laptops, and now the Zenbook series which is a popular choice for professionals.

    Latest developments of the brand: The ASUS Zenbook Pro 17 Duo showcases unique laptop features with a secondary OLED touch display alongside the main screen offering increased productivity.  

    Asus is synonymous with performance, especially in the gaming and creative communities making it a best laptop choice. With a wide range of gaming laptops, ultrabooks, and 2-in-1 devices, Asus caters to every type of user. From blazing-fast processors to high-refresh-rate displays, Asus laptops are built to deliver an immersive experience.

    Best Asus laptop recommendation for students:

    Best Asus laptop under 20k picks:

    Is Asus a good laptop brand?

    Yes! Absolutely. They consistently rank among the top manufacturers, offering a wide variety of laptops to suit different consumer demands. Plus, they constantly incorporate the latest techs into their laptops like powerful processors high-rate displays, and AI features too. You won’t be lagging behind when you have an Asus laptop that’s for sure!

    5. HP - Reliable and Versatile

    HP brand entered its PC era during the 1970s-1980s with its first model the HP Portable. Throughout the 1990s, HP solidified its position as a major player in the PC and laptop market releasing competitive models like the HP ProBook series. Today, they remain a dominant force in the laptop market.

    Latest developments of the brand:  HP laptops is incorporating eco-friendly practices. Their HP Elite x2 G8 Chromebook utilizes recycled ocean bound plastics highlighting their commitment to sustainability.

    HP has earned its place in being one of the best laptops in the market for decades, thanks to its commitment to quality and innovation. Whether you're looking for a business laptop, a convertible 2-in-1, or a budget-friendly option for everyday use, HP has you covered. With sleek designs, robust performance, and an array of features, HP laptops are designed to meet the needs of modern users.

    Best HP laptop for gaming recommendation:

    Best HP laptop choice for everyday use:

    Best HP laptop under 20k recommendation:

    Is HP a good laptop brand?

    HP absolutely remains as a good laptop brand. They already earned a reputation for reliability making them a trusted choice for everyday use, business, and even for education. However, when it comes to innovation and design, some might find their designs a bit more conservative compared to other brands.

    6. Lenovo - Ideal laptop for students, work, business

    Lenovo set its roots down during the 1990s with “Legend” brand laptops. However, 2005 marked the birth of the Lenovo brand we know today. They adapted a dual strategy and continued the ThinkPad legacy known for its business-oriented features.

    Latest developments of the brand: Lenovo is embracing AI functions as well. The new ThinkPad P1 Gen 7 mobile workstation boasts AI-powered features for optimizing performance and workflow efficiency.

    Lenovo laptops are synonymous with reliability and productivity. From the legendary ThinkPad series to the sleek Yoga convertibles, Lenovo offers a diverse lineup for every user's needs. With longer battery life and powerful performance, Lenovo is considered as one of the best laptops since it allows you to do more, whether you're working from home, in the office, or on the go.

    Best Lenovo laptop recommendation for gaming:

    Best Lenovo laptop pick for students:

    Is Lenovo a good laptop brand?

    Yes! Lenovo is a good laptop brand. The brand built a strong reputation for brand quality especially with their business-oriented ThinkPad series. Moreover, they also boast a wide selection of laptops ranging from student-friendly Chromebooks, budget-friendly IdeaPads, and the high- performance Legion series for the gamers. However, for those who are focusing more on aesthetics, some may think that Lenovo laptops looks a bit generic.

    7. Dell - A solid option for heavy workloads

    It all started in the year 1984 when Michael Dell founded Dell Technologies in his dorm! Fast forward to the early 2000s-present, Dell acquired Alienware, a renowned gaming brand, solidifying their presence in the gaming department. Today, Dell continues to prioritize reliability and user-friendly designs.

    Latest developments of the brand: Dell is also making strides towards eco-friendly manufacturing. Their Latitude 7330 Rugged Extreme Chromebook uses recycled ocean plastics.

    Dell laptops are built to withstand the rigors of daily use while delivering exceptional performance. Whether you're a student, a professional, or a gamer, Dell has a laptop that meets your needs. From the XPS series to the Alienware gaming lineup, Dell is the best laptop choice that offer cutting-edge technology and sleek designs that set them apart from the competition.

    Best Dell laptop recommendation for all around use:

    Dell XPS 13

    Best Dell laptop pick for gaming and studying:

    Alienware m18 Gaming Laptop

    Is Dell a good laptop brand?

    Definitely, yes! Dell is known for producing laptops that can last for several years with the proper care. This makes them a trusted option whether you’re a student, professional, gamer, or a casual user, dell likely has a laptop to suit your needs and budget.

    To sum it up…

    When it comes to the best laptop brands in the Philippines, Apple, Acer, Huawei, Asus, HP, Lenovo, and Dell are leading the pack. Whether you prioritize performance, design, or versatility, these brands offer a wide range of options to suit every need and budget.

    So, whether you're looking for the best laptop brands in the Philippines or simply searching for the perfect laptop, you can't go wrong with one of these top contenders.

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